The Challenge


National Grid, a multinational utility provider, sought to host an annual meeting for 450 leaders to receive US-based operation strategy from, and set upcoming priorities with, the CEO and other executives.  

The Approach

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To create an engaging format for the leadership groups, we collaborated with National Grid’s cross-functional planning team to develop and provide all details, from event design and production to streamlined presentation support, for the two-day gathering.

The Value

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Our designs elevated the event production and effectively engaged all attendees through large scale planning, refined details, and consistent branding and messaging applications. Our post-event communication materials ensured that attendees left with meaningful takeaways.


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We have worked with Inventive for a few years now on our Annual Leadership Conference and they have consistently delivered the flexible, tireless partnership that we have needed year after year. They have anticipated our needs and consulted to deliver both creative design solutions and practical delivery options. Their approach and style create a comfortable partnership that allowed them be easily integrated into our culture and be valuable members of our team. I truly look forward to working with them each year.
— Therese Sullivan, Director of Leadership, Talent and Change