ZEISS Vision Care is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision optics. The premium branded ZEISS lenses are offered in over 3,000 Walmart Vision Centers around the country. 

ZEISS launched a new lens coating that was specially developed for kids exposed to blue-violet light from LEDs as well as TV, digital screens and the sun.  ZEISS's technology combined with Walmart Vision Center’s value, and the timing of back-to-school, provided a unique opportunity to educate families about the lens options that protect eyes agains the harmful effects of blue light. 


During the busy back-to-school time frame, opticians needed a way to engage with the younger demographic, and start the conversation about ZEISS's newest technology with parents. Our team created an 8-page activity/coloring book whose focus was to inform patients about the abundance of blue-violet light, lens care, and position ZEISS Blue Light Protector as the ideal lens solution kids. 


Opticians used the activity book to educate families in the waiting room about ZEISS Blue Protector, and draw attention to the Walmart Vision Center through back-to-school displays. The activity book rounded off ZEISS's technical POS toolkit by simplifying the science and technology of blue-violet light in a way that was digestible for younger patients. Finally, the activity book allowed opticians to start a conversation with parents about their exposure to blue-violet light, and discuss lens packages that would ultimately suit the entire family.