The Challenge

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ZEISS Vision Care, an international precision optics manufacturing leader with lenses offered in 3,000 Walmart Vision Centers across the country, sought to educate families about their new, protective, blue-light resistant lens coating, ZEISS Blue Light Protector.

The Approach

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We used sales trends and back-to-school retail displays in Walmart Vision Centers to design a brief coloring activity book educating families about blue-violet light found in LEDs, digital screens, and sunshine. The approach allowed us to present ZEISS technology as the solution for blue-violet light’s harmful effects.

The Value

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The book displays attracted foot traffic to Walmart Vision Centers, while positioning opticians in the waiting room to talk with customers about blue-violet light, ZEISS, and family lens packages. By simplifying blue-violet light science and technology for young patients to digest, our activity book completed ZEISS's technical point of sale toolkit.