Helping Brands Attract and Recruit Top Talent

At Inventive, we know the labor market is constantly changing. From established companies looking to hire the next round of graduates, to startup organizations looking to hire more experienced professionals, to businesses looking to hire more tradesmen, our clients come to us with a wide range of hiring needs.

Before starting a recruitment campaign, ask yourself…

  1. What kinds of roles are we looking to fill?

  2. What skills do these roles require? Are we willing to teach these skills or should candidates already possess them?

  3. Where are we looking to hire from? Are we seeking to hire internally or source externally?

  4. What is our company culture? What characteristics make for a good fit within the culture?

  5. Why do I enjoy working here? Why would someone else enjoy working here?

Asking yourself these things will help you clarify your recruitment strategy, at which point, we come in.

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Our clients are frequently challenged by the prospect of creating recruitment campaigns that can be tailored to accommodate the multiple platforms and environments required to reach the brightest minds across the globe.

Like most Fortune 500 companies, Textron aims to attract the best candidates in the US, making the hiring field highly competitive. To help Textron face their competition, we created a flexible presentation that offered customizable features to be used by presenters at college site visits and career fairs. Offering qualities that could be customized on the go allowed Textron recruiters to easily adapt to whatever situation they found themselves presenting in, without skipping a beat.

Our Inventive team believes that sometimes, showing is stronger than telling.

In addition to creating an animated presentation deck, our designers worked to create a captivating video to help applicants see what Textron can offer them. The video gives viewers insight into what Textron does, while presenting employment scenarios for viewers to picture themselves in.

We recognize the importance of hiring the right people for the job, and work with our clients to develop creative solutions to solve their recruitment needs. Click the button below to get in touch with the Inventive team, and to hear more about how our strategies could be the right fit for you.