Inventive Marcomm From An Interns Perspective

As my last day is approaching, it's safe to say that working at Inventive isn't like working at most agencies. Sure, that's a good tag-line - but where else can you find a culture like this.


From my first poorly-connected skype video interview (I was studying abroad in Italy at the time so that may have been my fault), I could tell there was something great about Inventive - they were professional and dedicated when it came to the work they do and it showed. So much so that after my summer internship here I requested to work with the team after the summer in between classes while I finished my senior year of college.

What I found the first day here was that this is truly a team. Big agencies all over the country are known to hire 'spokes on a wheel', which makes it difficult to communicate new ideas, issues, or progress. Most lunches are spent together where the whole team can gather and talk about projects we're working on, their weekend adventures, or flip through the latest movie trailers. 

Inventive is authentic in not only the work they do but in the way they do it. There are no hoops t jump through when you need to speak with a boss, no red-tape when it comes to collaborating with someone in a different department, and no sign of office politics. 

Inventive, agreeing to keep me on while I took classes at my college nearby, was able to offer me a flexible schedule so I can come in as often as I can in between my classes. They also included me in many of their outings like Inbound 2017, Float Ri, and many others that are featured on our discover page. 


I can confidently say that you're working with the best at Inventive. Not only were they teaching me the ins and outs of the business, but they also give endless opportunities to work on crucial skills for professional environments like time management, project management, copywriting, social media strategy, etc.

The team gave me plenty of opportunities to take hold of small projects and see them through, which shows their trust in their employees and gives them confidence in our work. My only wish was that I had given more time to Inventive rather than come a few hours a day in between my classes.