3 Tips for Building a Live Stream Audience

Creating great content is a first, important step to effective content marketing. But if your target audience doesn't see your content, it won't help you reach your content marketing goals.

How To Get an Audience

Herein lies the great challenge with live streaming as a lead generation and sales generation tool. But don't over complicate things. The same principles apply to live streaming that applies to other social media marketing platforms.

Let people know you're broadcasting

Common sense dictates that in order to get people to see your live stream you need to let them know you'll be streaming live. That's why it's so amazing how many people neglect this critical detail. You'll probably want to add pertinent details like when you'll be streaming and what you'll be streaming-about.

Use social media to let people know. Post it on Facebook, especially if you're using Facebook Live. Post it on Twitter, especially if you'll be on Periscope. Post it on whatever social media accounts you own. Put it on your blog. Ask your social media followers to share it.

Be Consistent

You put together a great, moderately successful live-stream tutorial on how to knit Christmas stockings. You put together another live stream tutorial on how to make New Year's Day party favors the following week. Your audience thinks you're awesome and recognizes you as an expert. They share your stuff on their social media accounts.

Then they don't hear from you for a month-and-a-half.

Inconsistency kills momentum. Establishing a schedule for your live-stream broadcasts will help create and build momentum, especially if you're providing value and solving problems.

A critical aspect of remaining consistent is showing up when you say you're going to show up, even if the audience is small at the start.

Invite people to share and follow

You can build a live stream audience with social media. You can grow your social media audience with live streaming. This cycle of growth can only begin, however, if you invite people to share and follow. Live Stream apps like Facebook Live and Periscope make sharing your broadcasts easy.

Regardless of the platform that you're using, make it easy for viewers to share!

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