4 Ways Restaurants Can Use CRM Systems

When you think about CRM (Customer Relations Management) software, the restaurant industry is where you would least expect to see it being used. Today, restaurants are taking advantage of the innovations of CRM software to help brand their business, improve their services and develop loyal client bases. Here are some of the ways CRM software can be utilized and vital in the restaurant industry:

Creating Marketing Campaigns To Improve Customer Experience

Marketing campaigns are important to promote your business and create a brand. With the help of CRM systems, you can launch marketing campaigns and promotions to find new customers. Generating reports through the CRM system can see the performance of marketing campaigns and give you insights to decide where improvements need to be made. Restaurants use CRM systems to create marketing campaigns that include:

  • Discount Coupons—Todayrestaurants can provide customers with discounts in more ways. Through the CRM software, digital discounts in emails, newsletters and mobile apps can be monitored for performance.
  • Email Campaigns—Newsletter campaigns are easy to automate with email signup programs and CRM software. The entire process is automated with the CRM system.
  • Printable Discounts—Everyone likes to get a good deal and a simple marketing campaign is to create coupons for your restaurant. The printable discounts are a great incentive to get people to sign up for email newsletters.

Rewarding Customer Loyalty with Member Programs, Discounts, and Prizes

Customers that repeatedly visit your business and are loyal deserve to be rewarded. With the help of CRM software, you can easily create member reward programs to your loyal customer-base. One can create rewards, giveaways and even exclusive promotions. Some examples of customer loyalty programs are:

  • Memberships—The membership programs are a great way to launch campaigns and promotions. Through the CRM system, manage memberships and get real data on what keeps customers coming back. With the help of POS and CRM, using barcodes to easily collect data can heavily improve customer experience.
  • Rewards—Giving your loyal customers rewards for their business is a great way to brand your business. Through memberships, provide point programs that reward loyal customers for repeat business.
  • Contests—Everyone wants to win something, promote your business through contests and giveaways. Manage your contests through the CRM system and see how customers respond to different contests and giveaways you use to promote your restaurant. For example: use CRM software create giveaways for a free meal or giveaway a gift basket for the holidays.
  • Promotions and Discounts—The discounts that you offer can be for membership programs, as well as other campaigns to attractive new customers. Use the CRM software to create new promotions and monitor performance. For example: you have changed the menu and added new products; the CRM system can be used to launch promotions and monitor performance of these changes.

Use CRM Data to Get Reports That Help You Make the Best Business Decisions

The data that is collected with the CRM system is essential in making business decisions. Make a report to see bestselling items, compare different hours of business and other factors that you will help you make the best business decisions. Collect data from CRM systems and use it to:

  • Monitor Sales Performance—Knowing what your customers want is important, and with CRM software, you have this data available. Creating reports can show you what items sell the best. In addition, reports can be used to see sales performance for different types of sales, such as a small table of guests or a group of four or more guests.
  • Build Customer Reports—In the restaurant business, you will have different types of customers. You may have a single person, couple or larger group of guests. The CRM system can be used to track these different types of situations to build reports. You can use the customer data to decide on things like discounts and promotions to offer.
  • Make Marketing Decisions—With the right information in your fingertips, CRM systems will help you make decisions like types of marketing campaigns that are most successful. CRM systems will give you insight on where you need to invest for marketing campaigns that pay-off.

Manage Your Brand and Make Your Restaurant Business a Household Name

In this age of connectivity, having a recognizable brand is important. CRM systems allow you to manage branding campaigns and promotions on social media in an automated manner. The CRM software will give you instant insights into the performance of these campaigns and see results through reports. The branding and social media management that restaurants use CRM software for include:

  • Automated Posts—Having a presence on social media is much more than just opening a few accounts. Businesses also need to be active and interact with people and network. Restaurant businesses can automate posts through the CRM software to grow their network, launch promotions and provide basic business information.  
  • Reputation Management—With social media, good reputation is important. With the help of CRM systems, restaurants can respond to comments, posts and ratings on social media to maximize positive presence and reduce any negative content that can be damaging to business.
  • News and Updates—Changes will need to be made to your business at some point. Use the CRM system to update information and get the word out about any news. For example: changes have been made to the menu with new products or a new location is going to be opened; post this news on social media to let the public know.
  • Improve Customer Experience—You want customers to have the most enjoyable experience. Social media can be used to help through online booking systems managed by POS and CRM systems. In addition, consider investing in things like mobile apps that can make it easier for customers to do things like make reservations, place orders or check menus before they dine.


These are some of the ways CRM systems are being used by restaurants to create brands, provide better service and keep customers coming back. If you want your restaurant business to start getting noticed, contact us to help implement the right CRM software solution to help manage your customer relations and branding needs.