5 Effective Video Marketing Ideas For Business

Not everyone can go viral.  Learn how to achieve your goals for effective video marketing without ever going viral and, more importantly, without killing your budget.

Social Media Videos. It doesn't take much to get a professional looking short video for social media. Tools like Instagram's built-in video tool, stop-motion tools, Flipagram, and more let novices look like experts. You can use social media videos to highlight skills, showcase an event, unveil a new product, or go behind the scenes. 

Explainer Videos. Explainer videos use animation to tell a brand's story in a memorable way. The key to a successful explainer video includes simple graphics and straightforward language. Making an explainer video successful requires taking something unfamiliar and making it familiar--in a short amount of time.

Tutorial Videos. You probably know someone who's accomplished a major DIY project by watching online video tutorials. Isn't it time to take advantage of this ready-to-buy market by providing your own? With tutorials, the shorter the video, the simpler the steps, the more engagement and shares your video will get. Make sure the video nails the basics, speaks to your target audience, breaks the task into steps, engages the audience, and creates a call-to-action.

Demo Videos.  A demo video shows your target audience the benefits of a product or service you provide. Demo videos should have a strong opening and include a call-to-action at the end. Don't overwhelm with information. Keep it short. The goal is to show the product or service with the intent of getting the viewer to find out more. The demo video must provide value and demonstrate a product's ability to solve the target audience's problem.

About Us. Every company has a story to tell. A well-crafted about us page tells that story and puts a human face on the business or corporation. One way to humanize your company and tell your story is with an About Us video. Make sure the video discards business babble, engages the viewer, tells a story, and includes a bit of the unexpected.

The key to effective video marketing is getting started. So what are you waiting for?