5 Major Innovations That Have Changed Marketing

It is no secret the traditional ways of reaching your customer have changed.  Here is a closer look at the top 5 innovations and trends that drastically changed the marketing landscape by pushing businesses to new levels of creativity. 

1. Smart phonesSmart phones create free marketers and storytellers out of users. How many times has someone sat down and posted a product they love that they use every day?  With the power of being able to take a picture and send it to friends or followers, online marketing is a rapid-growing culture.  

2. On demand searching: With the power of smart phone technology, we can buy something quickly in our downtime. We can look up recipes, blogs, TV show times, and everything we possibly need when we get home are at our fingertips. Amazon has dominated the marketplace with a large variety of products and two-day free shipping through Amazon Prime. Access at our fingertips has made purchasing and researching easier. 

3. Emojis: The emoji "Face with tears of joy" was named 2015's word of the year by Oxford dictionary.  Wordless self expression has become a staple in the digital world and a way to communicate.  Marketers are realizing that customers are looking for easy and efficient ways to communicate with one another.  Targeted emoji campaigns such as what Taco Bell created, is one example of how major brands are using emojis to interact with customers. 

4. SEO: It is more important than ever to know how a search engine crawls through your website and ranks it among other websites.  Google and other search websites are using the level of useful and authentic content as one of the factors for ranking websites. With that being said, a long term SEO business plan can sometimes take weeks or months to pan out for a business, but one of the most powerful strategies to implement in modern day.   

5. Hashtags: Hashtags help organize topics and allow people to play into a larger trending topic. The modern day use of hashtags was organically created by Twitter in 2007.  Fast forward to 2010 when #TrendingTopics was developed to help highlight popular topics.  Ever since then, businesses have been using hashtags to help build customer relationships, increase brand loyalty, and awareness. 

Of course, there are plenty of other innovations that have changed the way marketers reach their customers.  For a growing business, it is important to understand these innovations and how changes can affect an industry.