5 Secrets To Creating Great Facebook Ad Content

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Fun fact, In the third quarter of 2016 Facebook had 1.79 BILLION monthly active users. Facebook has evolved from a platform for a select group to billions of users who interact on Facebook and view the ads. Beyond selecting the right image and making sure the image is cropped correctly, you need to consider the content of the advertisement and audience you are targeting.

With that being said, here are some best practices to follow:

  1. Keep the copy of the ad short and well targeted.  Once you have selected your target audience, write copy that would speak to the prospective customers.  It is better to create a focused advertisement that will resonate with more people in a smaller cohort than a generic message with a large population that has less meaning.  
  2. The most popular words to use in an advertisement are "You", "Free", "Because", "Instantly" and "New".
  3. Tell your audience what to do after reading your ad. Use effective call to actions: "Learn more", "Shop now" and "Sign up" are amongst the most popular phrases.   
  4. Ensure that your advertisement links to a landing page. If you are advertising a specific product, make sure the link is clear-cut and focused. Customers do not want to be redirected to your general website. 
  5. Having more than one paid advertisement running at the same time can help you optimize your campaign and split test different designs or text.   

Next time you visit Facebook, consider the successful companies that are advertising there. It's quite fascinating to know they are targeting you!