5 Valuable Benefits of Event Marketing for Your Brand

Event marketing is an efficient way towards building the "like, trust and know" factor with your target audience. Live customer encounters allows you to create personable experiences that are hard to duplicate online. In fact, successful brands like TED Talks and Apple consistently leverage event marketing to connect with their audiences and build loyalty.

Here are five extraordinary benefits of event marketing and why your brand should begin leveraging this strategy in it's marketing plan.

#1 Boost Brand Awareness

Leveraging events for your business is perhaps one of the easiest ways to increase brand awareness. It helps build authority and credibility in your niche while showing that your brand is active within your respective industry. The majority of people who take part in an experiential marketing event share their experience with someone else. Therefore you have the ability to impact attendees in a way that promotes you to their networks.

#2 Effective Lead Generation Tactic

Event marketing is highly effective in capturing qualified leads into your sales funnel while making in-person connections with your audience. Using an enticing lead offer that solves a specific problem along with your lead nurturing tactics will position you to convert these prospects into buying customers in a short amount of time. 

#3 Enhance Relationships with Online Followers & Customers

Leverage in-person engagements by meeting with your social media followers, online leads and customers face-to-face. They’ll gain an authentic experience with your brand that leaves a lasting impression. Segment your email list to target local subscribers for upcoming events. 

#4 Introduce New Products with Live Audience

The majority of consumers often said they purchased a brand's product or service after an event at a later date. Events offer an incredible opportunity to launch your new product or promote your flagship products to gain immediate feedback and sales. It’s a successful tactic because consumers can “try before they buy” while allowing you to address questions and concerns to create well-informed customers.

#5 Enrich Your Content Strategy

Maximize live events by building up content to share with your social followers and utilize in online marketing campaigns. Event marketing gives you an opportunity to create content like photos of the event décor, videos, interviews with customers or influencers, live-stream video with Periscope or Facebook Live, and customer testimonials. It’s a superb way to stack up genuine content for your online marketing.

In conclusion, event marketing is powerful! By committing to incorporate this strategy into your marketing every quarter, you’ll experience an exponential growth in brand awareness, follower engagement, leads, and sales.