5 Ways to Convince Your Team To Try New Marketing Tactics

People fear big changes more than many things in life. Change is very healthy, it often leads people down the road to success but there is a safety net that people feel secure in that includes no changes being made. This makes it really hard to introduce new ideas to your team when it comes to trying new marketing tactics. Here are a few tips on how to convince your team to try new marketing tactics.

1) Use incentives

Incentives are what keeps a team going. If they have a common goal they can focus on that will benefit each of them directly, they will push themselves to the next step to get their cheese. Sometimes something as simple as some time off or an office luncheon is enough to motivate employees. Employees will want to gain from this successful market tactic in some way - or at least earn something for trying.

2) How have these tactics worked in the past?

Giving your employees specific examples of success stories on how these tactics have worked help them want to welcome new change and new tactics. It makes them easier inclined to accept change that comes with something new. 

3) Hand over the reigns to employees as much as possible

Employees like to feel as much in control as management does. Be open to suggestions, give people new assignments. As exciting as it is to change-up your route on the way to work, imagine if you have fresh responsibilities and control with the new changes that are happening in the office.

4) Keep an open mind to suggestions

You, as a manager or leader, probably has a very strong vision of where the company is going. Life happens and things do not turn out as planned. Keep an open ear to what your employees think. If employees feel like they are able to suggest input, be open to their ideas and suggestions. Along the way, they will also get more control of what is going on. 

5) Plan everything out ahead of time

An unprepared manager looks like an insecure one. If you have specific points you would like to make, jot them down on note cards and be prepared when you approach a room full of people presenting these new tactics. 


Convincing your team to try new marketing tactics can be difficult, especially if the main goal is to inspire. Communicating is a skill in itself that is vital for accomplishing this task - and we're here to help. 

Whether it's an employee communications program or a customized presentation (both on the left), the accuracy and efficiency of your communications strategy are critical to your success. 


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