5 Ways To Incorporate Live Video Into Your Marketing

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Live videos are the latest trends in promotional elements. People enjoy it because they feel connected with the people who run their favorite program, product, or service. A lot of people love to interact and know their voices matter when it comes to a product or service. This benefits both the consumer and the company that is incorporating live stream. So here are  Five ways on how to incorporate live stream into your marketing plan.

1) Use it to introduce and test products/services

Maybe a customer wants to see the results of a service that you offer. If you offer remodeled bathrooms as a service, show a live showing of a bathroom being finished up. Or meet with a past customer and have them chat with you on this video. If you are a wholesaler for boxed vinyl figures, show an unboxing or two to get people excited about making a new purchase. There are plenty of ways to incorporate your product or service in a live video and still have it be a user-friendly experience. Make a product demo fun and happy, unlike an as seen on tv product. Especially if you welcome feedback from your audience. If you have a fun product, show a video of it in action so people will know what they are missing out on.

2) Have a live Q&A for customers

Hear from your customers directly. Go live thinking solely about what they want to say and think. Be bold and leave all business related affairs off topic from your Q&A, but the entire time you are engaging with them and hearing from them, you are representing your company in a fun and friendly way.

Make your Q&A loosely based on your product or service. If you sell video games make sure and talk about gaming related things. Make it really exciting and co-op with people in a similar field and trade-off a shout out to another company.

3) Play a game with your customers and give away prizes

People love freebies, engagement and being heard. Keeping this in mind in your marketing plan is a great way to ensure that you not only have lively and entertaining live videos but that your customers feel cared for. 

4) Ask questions/partake in personal surveys

People love being heard! This is a good opportunity to not only provide that kind of care for customers but to use the information to make adjustments in your products or services. Maybe people are slightly offended by a message in an advertisement. People can offer fresh points of view and new ideas that could be helpful for the future of the business. Communication is key to running a successful business.

5) Use live video to give a theme to your business

Branding is an interesting beast when it comes to your company. While you have a bit of control over the message, you do not have total control. However, with the power of live video you get a direct feed between your audience and your company. If you have a lighthearted person with a great sense of humor doing live videos, that can reflect on your company as a lighthearted company with a big heart.