6 Critical Steps to Launch a New Brand Identity

If you do it right, your brand identity communicates what's uniquely best about your company. And for a new brand to be effective, your need to expose your target audience to it repeatedly. An effective launch for your new brand identity will accomplish both objectives, but only if you do it right.

Define your key message and tailor it to each audience. You do have a key message, right? If not, there is no brand. Groups might hear and interpert the key messages differenty,  Because opinions vary greatly, research plays a critical role during this stage.

Make the entire organization aware of the new brand identity. If your team or organization does not know how to represent or communicate the new brand, your new brand identity will lack authenticity. Educate your organization through launch meetings and other effective brand launch communications. As you make your organization aware of the new brand identity, establish written communication standards on how to portray the new brand.

Reach all your audiences. An effective launch reaches your entire audience. Don't limit your reach by limiting communication channels. A brand launch should include some or all of the following.

  • press releases
  • special events
  • social media
  • question and answer sessions
  • print, radio, and TV ads
  • trade publications
  • direct mail
  • e-mail blasts

Conduct a website launch. Those interested in your product and services and those intrigued by your new brand identity will want to know more--these are the people you really want to engage. And where will they go to find out more? Your website. And if your website doesn't encompass or provide details on the new brand identity, your most important customers--those who care about your brand--will lose interest. Not good.

Measure launch success. Measuring the launch of your new brand identity goes beyond measuring an increase (or decrease) in sales--although increasing sales is the ultimate goal. Measuring success also includes testing brand perceptions before and after the launch and conducting these tests with differentiated target audiences.

Secure an adequate budget. Once you realize all that's involved in the successful launch of a new brand, you'll want to make sure you have the budget to launch the new brand and, almost as important, sustain the momentum of the new brand once the original launch blitz has ended.

If you think it might be time for rebranding or you know it's time and need help with a new brand launch, take a look at how Inventive Marketing and Communication can help.