6 Signs It's Time to Rebrand Your Business

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Remember that great movie you saw in high school, which wasn't so great when you saw it last month? Or how about that sweet rayon shirt or frosted tips you sported in college? Just because it worked 15 years ago, doesn't mean it's going to work today.

The same holds true for your business brand.

6 Signs It's Time to Rebrand Your Business

Brand Embarrassment. You ever felt a little sheepish handing out your business card, the one with the 2005 design? You ever wish you could put a disclaimer on your website footer, explaining that you're more sophisticated or fun than your brand indicates. If your brand identity or online presence looks outdated, boring, or unoriginal, take action and revitalize it. Our marketing specialist believes that the hardest part about excellent graphic design is making it look effortless... and that's the motto she works by. Check out some of some the stuff we're talking about!

Business Growth. When your business outgrows your brand, that's a good thing. Rebranding to keep up with business growth is also a good thing. If, for example, your branding identifies you locally or regionally and you've expanded geographically, it's time to rebrand. If your products or services begin to incorporate more than your original target audience and you need to connect with a new demographic, it's time to rebrand. If you just need to shed the small-time image your current brand portrays and represent the big-time image your business wants, it's time to rebrand. There are plenty of reasons to rebrand, take a look at a real case study to see what we're talking about.

Differentiation. One role of a brand is to differentiate your business from your competitors. A brand needs to communicate company values and company vision. In short, it tells customers who you are and why they want to associate with you. If, however, your branding presents the same vision and same values in the same way your competition does, then how will your customers remember you? Take a look at a real-life differentiation challenge and see if you can relate.

Negative Attention. There are so many ways your brand can become a negative, ways you couldn't possibly predict--a physical altercation with a customer that goes viral on YouTube, an out-of-context quote from an executive that gets retweeted 28,000 times, or a political misstep that puts your business in a bad light. In some cases, the best way to disassociate your company from negativity is a brand name change.

New Business Model or Strategy. Your brand needs to connect with your target audience. But what if a new business model or strategy alters that target audience, even slightly? When you change your business model or strategy, make sure brand and audience alignment remain intact. If not, you know what to do (and if you don't, the experts at Inventive Communications and Marketing do).

Vision Change. If a brand communicates the company vision to its target audience and the vision changes, shouldn't the company rebrand itself? When you started your company years ago, you had a vision. The more successful you became, the more the vision expanded. Has your brand kept up with these changes? If not, consider rebranding.

Not sure whether your brand has kept up with your company, contact the experts at Inventive Marketing and Communications and let them help you evaluate it.