Call To Action Words That Generate Responses

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The best call to action words are more than just obvious purchase related demands like 'buy now'; instead they subtly, but firmly lead the audience into taking action all while making them think it was their idea. Here are some action words that generate responses:


Streamline: In today's world of maximizing efficiency, speed and accuracy are everything. You don't want to find yourself bogged down with redundant operations, equipment, or personnel, and your customers certainly don't want a monotonous experience. Streamline invokes organization, and more importantly, speed, particularly when selling services. For example,"Streamline your user experience today with ..."

Choose / Pick: People love to stand apart from the crowd. They love to have independence. To have their own style. If you can offer customers options and encourage them to design their own packages, you can ensure they will walk away satisfied. Something like "Choose your own style and features" will get people thinking about exactly what they want, which leads to my next point.    

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Try: Like imagination, asking customers to try a product pulls them into the process, except now, they are moving past the stage of thinking about it, and actually getting involved. In person, this might include a customizable sample or starter package the customer just can't put down. "Try our new (flashy product title here) and see results!"

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Discover: A word like discover invokes a feeling of exploration and adventure. it makes a customer feel like they are the first to find an unknown treasure, something undoubtedly amazing. "Discover what we can do for you today" sounds exciting, doesn't it? 

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Imagine: Imagination is a powerful thing. When you ask your potential customers to imagine themselves with your products, using your services, you're practically putting the advertisement in their hands as they dream up the perfect scenario. Selling timeshares? "Imagine yourself on the perfect vacation. What do you see?"

Free: Using the word free offers people a no-risk opportunity to try out your product or service.  Be sure to be clear about the terms once the user starts the trial. There is nothing worse than hidden costs to lose a customer's trust. 

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There are a lot of words that can call your customers to action, and in reality, every word on your page is a tool in your arsenal. Choose wisely.