Converting Customers into Brand-Enthusiasts

Brand and acquisition teams traditionally function in a disconnected unison, having the brand deliver the creative while the acquisition delivers it, and so on. If these two business functions worked together in a never-ending cycle when it comes to their content strategy, they're given an opportunity to measure and retouch content much more efficiently. (Retouching content only when necessary after examining the performance metrics of course.) 

At every stage of the buyer's journey, it's imperative you understand exactly where they are and where they are coming from. This heightens the chances of conversion while the brand is seen as an understanding and trustworthy one. Ultimately, it should be one of the main goals to keep the customers you attract - being sure that your customers have a good experience and end up wanting to be a part of your brand's community.

Peloton, a cycling behemoth, took three years to go from a scrappy startup to a cult-like brand community with nearly 500,000 global riders. They were able to harness a content marketing strategy that used the brand & acquisition cycle while mapping out their buyer's journey into five main segments. 

Once these segments were mapped out, Peloton was able to understand the mindset of each customer no matter what stage they were in, increasing their likelihood for them to join the Peloton brand community.

The community itself is cult-like as Peloton provides the users with a constant stream of content in perpetuity. Hence the buyer's journey never truly ending, as new content is pushed to users for as long as they have the product. 

This approach will prove to convert customers much more efficiently and keep them engaged in your band community, ensuring the buyer's journey never really ends.

Competiton in the marketplace for any industry is more innovative and strategic than ever -  being able to communicate and engage with the audience that matters to you is vitally important. Check out more information about your communications strategy or browse some of the directs below.