Creating Effective Instagram Sponsored Advertisement

Looking to boost your followers on Instagram? Then consider using sponsored advertisements on Instagram. Widen your reach, increase your followers and engage your audience. 

Keep your brand in mind while creating an Instagram sponsored advertisement. Don't go outside of your marketing strategy or brand guidelines. Going rogue on your marketing strategy can confuse current followers and incorrectly represents the real you to potential followers and customers.  Images should tie in with your marketing campaign, and call-to-actions should fit in with your marketing objectives. 

Here are some tips for creating a successful Instagram sponsored advertisement:

  • Use keywords and hashtags. Using keywords and popular hashtags enhance your overall SEO efforts and your advertisement will appear in relevant searches.
  • Test your advertisement. In order to monitor what worked in your Instagram sponsored advertisement, be sure to implement A/B testing. Establish a benchmark and then test against it. Remember to only test one element at a time.
  • Tell a story. Storytelling is what Instagram is all about. Your advertisement must grab the viewer's attention and keep them wanting more. Remember that a picture tells a thousand words!
  • Use Videos. While photos are much simpler to implement on Instagram, videos can tell a more compelling story. Go back to your marketing plan to determine what medium will work best for your Instagram sponsored advertisement. No matter which medium you use, make sure that it ties back to your overall marketing objectives.
  • Include a call-to-action. When writing your caption to accompany your Instagram advertisement keep your call-to-action in mind. You want the viewer to do something, what is that? Use action words and get straight to the point. Do you want them to click to read your blog post? Then say, "click here to read more". Have a new restaurant opening and want to let people know you have free drinks? Write, "come in for a free drink". 

Using Instagram to advertise is a lot different than other social media outlets as you only have a picture and a view words to reel people in. Be outgoing, witty and exciting, but always tie your pictures, videos, and call-to-actions to your marketing plans.  If you need help developing a content marketing strategy, contact us at Inventive Marketing and Communications, we are here to work as an extension of your team.