Does Length Matter

With the rise of videos popularity and effectiveness as a marketing and communication tool, our team is often faced with the question "How long should my video be?"

The length of your video is going to depend on a number of factors: Who is your audience? What is the purpose? Where are you planning on playing this video?

There a numerous reasons on why you need to keep your videos short, but here is a cheat sheet to give you an idea of what length your video should be depending on the type of video you are making. 

Explainer: 45-90 Sec
Don't make your viewer work hard to understand your product or service. Leave them wanting more, and not less of what you have to offer.

Creative Commercial/Ad: 15-59 Sec
The success of a commercial, is that they are engaging from start to finish. Keep it short! 

Crowdfunding: 120-240 Sec
These videos tend to be for an audience who is already interested in what you have to offer, which give you some leeway. But the rules still apply, so keep it as short as possible while meeting your goals. 

Testimonial: 60-120 Sec
Having one or two people giving short soundbites about your product or service is more dynamic than one person droning on for more than 2 minutes. 

Pitch: 60-90 Sec
Keep it simple and to the point. Think about this video the same way you would an elevator pitch. 

Corporate Overview: 60-120 Sec
The key here is OVERVIEW. You don't need to chronicle the history of your company. Prioritize your key messages and put the most important ones up front. 

Recruitment: 60-180 Sec
This video is usually for a younger (and less engaged) crowd. So much like an overview video, you want to put the key points up front and leave them wanting to investigate further...but make sure you back this up, with a wealth of online information that is easily accessed. 

Case Studies: 60-240 Sec
The people who are clicking on these videos, are generally interested in the topic already. This allows you more time to dive a little deeper into details. If you intend for these to have a duel purpose, and want to use them for marketing, err on the shorter side. 

Tutorials: 45-180 Sec
Say what you need to say, but make sure you don't lose your audience by repeating information unnecessarily. Prove how simple your product or process is, by keeping your video simple and short.

Keeping your videos short will not only increase your chances of having it watched through to the end, it will also help increase your play rate. Don't forget, a video that is 0:59 seconds looks better than 1:00 minute.

If you want to use video for marketing or communication, or if you're already doing it but would like to increase your click through and completion rate, our team is available to talk through some ideas and help you engage your audiences.