Don't Recycle, Upcycle

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Everything we do in today's technology driven society is done so more globally than ever before. Sometimes, cultural "phenomena" is lost in translation.  So how can companies use content to engage a larger and more global audience?  

Coming up with new content takes time and money. Look at something used in the past that had favorable results with a targeted audience. Then, consider reusing that content by making it stand out on different platforms. Need examples? Take a company slogan that is used on a product website. Then, create an infographic that exemplifies the slogan or a Youtube advertising video, something that resonates more and can be shared on various social media platforms.  

Often marketing strategy during the most growth is a good indication of what can and should be reused. Imagine reimagining whatever content you used in your market strategy to draw in a larger audience. Now research what platforms of the web are trending and how people are using them. How can your company use this platform to grow and how can you use it as a bridge to the next platform?  

Upcycling has the potential to increase audience worldwide if desired, create company growth, save money, cut corners and save time.  The key take away is to upcycle the quality content into something that is more useful.