Employee Engagement Through Video

You might be staggered to read that that Gallup periodically measures employment engagement at around 30 - 35%, meaning that 65 -70 % of employees are either partially engaged in their work, or not at all.

When you consider that an employee is defined as being fully engaged when he feels empowered to do his job, feels confident, enthusiastic, and inspired by the company culture, it means that an awfully high proportion of the workforce feels negative about their job.  It will come as no surprise then that overall productivity falls and the loss to the U.S. economy has been calculated between $450 and $550 billion annually.

It’s vital your company maintains a happy, motivated workforce which is positively engaged in their work. Not only will you avoid the wastage caused by high turnover, the quality of work will increase, and the overall product itself will increase (and even double as some studies have suggested).

Today's generation of young workers has grown up with smartphones and tablets: they are accustomed to video communication. This has created a demand for video devices in the workplace. Video is the perfect communication channel through which you can instill a sense of belonging, develop a company culture for your employees to feel comfortable in, and drive home key corporate messages. It should be included as a vital component of your Internal Communications Strategy. 

What makes video communication so effective is that inherently it’s a social tool. Video can either be broadcast live, or you can have video-on-demand. Either way, it’s visual. Expressions and body language can be conveyed, giving it an exponential advantage over simple email text or audible-only phone calls. This helps bring your company together, fostering relationships between management and their employees, especially where some might be located remotely.

Video is an excellent means of inspiring your employees and communicating quick and accurate information, perhaps, if needed, in a crisis. Video can be shared easily with your employees, who can also post general comments, feedback or questions. In fact, the mobile convenience and portability of smartphones and tablets empower your employees, in turn ramping up their engagement.

Video communication also empowers your management by allowing it to convey regular key messages to staff regarding your company vision and culture.