Enhance Your Presentation Through Design

A well-designed presentation can help tell a story that captivates your audience. Here are some tips to ensure that your presentation is remembered. 

1. Treat your presentation like a movie, tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. Start with a challenge or problem and set out to tell your audience how they can find a solution. 



Start with a challenge or a problem, and inform your audience how they can find a solution. 

2. Stick to one idea per slide. Give your ideas breathing room and help your audience follow your content by limiting content on each slide. 

3. Lists need to be concise. Audiences don't want to be read to - ensure that your lists reinforce what you are saying by only using keywords and phrases. 

4. Select fonts carefully and stick to using a maximum of two fonts - one for headers and one for body text. You can keep text refined and consistent by using the same font in varying weights. 

Stick to two fonts, but play with the weight to create variation.

5. Use a uniform color scheme in your presentation. Complementary colors or tones of the same color ensure that there is a contrast between the background and text, without overwhelming the audience with too many colors. 

6. Be more visual. Use icons and images to represent your content. 


Use icons to simplify content.

7. Use high-quality images. Avoid cliche stock images and ensure that they are sized correctly and not pixelated. 

8. Complex charts are hard to read. Simplify your data and visualize your facts. 


Simplify data by eliminating charts and use visuals to highlight the important facts.

9. Make use of negative or white space. Don't squash too much onto one slide. Keep it minimal and ensure that there is sufficient negative or white space to help your content pop. 

10. Close with a powerful slide, by ending with a strong message or call to action that your audience will remember. 


End your presentation with a key message or call to action.