How Alcohol Consumers Remain Loyal To A Brand

Today's consumer wants something more than good beer for a low price. Instead, consumers are fixated on a brand's authenticity. In this blog, we'll examine how consumers interpret an alcohol brand's authenticity and how they develop loyalty. 


Ingredient Transparency

The craft beer phenomenon isn't that much different from the increased demand for organic food and the countrywide support for local cafes. People want to know what they're consuming and how the product was made. Craft beer brands love to talk about their brewing process as much as customers enjoy hearing about it. 

Beer drinkers all over the world have debated what beer is best, what they're favorite brewery is, what ale they prefer, etc. The debate gets the conversation going, and getting consumers to favor your beer will most likely get them to spread the word. Our agency, too, practices this; keep up to date on the latest debate every Friday on our Instagram page

No Spin

If you go way back, you'll find some outrageous claims from alcohol brands. Nowadays, however, the "Guinness for strength" campaign wouldn't resonate as well with consumers. 

People understand the health trade-off they make when drinking alcohol, so there's no need to lie about it. In fact, this Forbes article says that spinning stories like this are just an outdated marketing tactic: 

At the end of the day, authenticity vs. spin comes down to the tone that a company takes with its consumers. People don’t like to be spoken down to by anyone, much less a company that they buy things from. They want their brands to live up to higher values, occupy a bigger cultural role and own up to their mistakes. Spin is dead -- welcome to the age of authenticity."

Today's consumer is smarter and knows spin when they see it. This plays a major role in their interpretation of an alcohol brand's authenticity.

On-Site Visits

Alcohol brands today are almost expected to invite customers to see some behind-the-scenes action. Wanting to visit a brewery or distillery goes hand-in-hand with the demand for ingredient transparency. Letting customers see how you make your alcohol displays not just your process, but your passion as well. Not doing so implies the opposite. 

Authenticity is of particular importance for alcohol brands. The more transparent and passionate you are, the more customers you'll win over. 

Successful brands insist on gaining consumer's trust and developing a relationship with them. Click here to learn more about what steps you can take to develop such ties and get loyalty.