How Company Culture Can Improve Customer Experience

It’s a fundamental business principle that customers who have a great buying experience are far more likely to return. Every CEO knows that it is repeat business which really drives sales. Building a business relationship with a customer hinges on trust, but it can be easy to forget the human element and concentrate on the product.

This is where company culture can play a significant role in the customer experience. Culture can be hard to define. It is the personality of the company, its values, attitudes, ethics, goals, even the work environment. The culture of any company starts with the relationship it has among its staff, and the tone that the leadership sets.

Company Culture Starts with Its Employees

Not only does a good company culture lead to higher employee retention but it also increases customer satisfaction and financial performance. A healthy company culture means happy, motivated employees who share the company's core values. They have more than a financial commitment to the job, they have an emotional commitment too. They enjoy coming to work because they love engaging with your customers, and this soon becomes reciprocal. Work needn’t just mean lonely sweat and the final dollar, it can be fun too. It can be social, collaborative and meaningful, just as surely as it can be profitable. If your employees have the right attitude, this reassures potential customers and improves their overall buying experience.

The customer experience is based on the experience that they have with your staff. Forbes Magazine offers five tips for improving customer service through company culture, and the bottom line is that the buying experience and the relationship that the customer has with your staff are what matters.

Company Culture and the Customer Experience in the Digital Age

The internet is becoming a more prevalent part of the overall consumer experience. Although this means that face-to-face interactions are increasingly rare, it does not mean that the personality behind a company is less accessible. In fact, just the opposite may be the case! Social media allows for increased interaction and engagement between a company and its customers, and there is an opportunity for the customer experience to be enhanced through the company’s virtual behavior.

socialmedia - improving customer experience.png

Although company culture comes from the company’s leadership, it is maintained and often experienced by the customers through the staff members. A happy staff that is well-connected with the company’s vision, goals, and objectives is essential for a satisfying customer experience. The staff may communicate in person or virtually, and with online means, there are even more ways than ever before for the company’s culture to shine through. 

Branding your company to perform and express company culture characteristics that are demanded from potential customers is not something to take lightly. Whether you're trying to figure out whether or not you should rebrand for a better company culture, trying to get an accurate picture of your competitive environment, or ready to take on the digital-first approach to branding; the more you know the better. Talk to one of our representatives if you would like a free consultation on achieving your customer experience RoR, or for branding in general.