How To Attract Customers Using Video

Video marketing is becoming more and more relevant than ever. It can be a great tool for generating interest and targeting new customers because giving them a visual of your brand will instill a lasting impression on their memory. Videos also make ideal content for sharing on social media which will ultimately help boost your online traffic.

Why Use Videos to Attract Customers

  • Video builds trust and gives people the confidence to purchase products from you.
  • Video is extremely mobile friendly, with 50% of mobile traffic accounting for viewing video. Shoppers love browsing on mobile devices even if they’ve seen a product in the store already.
  • It’s effective for brand awareness, lead generation, and engagement.
  • Customers that see a video are 85% more likely to buy, as you can demonstrate the product more effectively.
  • 90% of buyers genuinely find video helpful in assisting with purchase decisions. You can lay out all of the benefits your product can give them.
  • Video is social. It’s shared hugely on social media, in particular, Facebook, and with autoplay features now on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, it’s increasingly hard to ignore.

Four Different Kinds of Video and Why You Should Use Them

1. Tutorials/ How to use Videos

How-tos are a great way to establish credibility as an expert in your area. When you demonstrate a tutorial on a specific subject, you are not only introducing consumers to your brand, you are showing them why they should believe in your product.

2. Creative Commercial/Ad

If you can create something that is thought-provoking, attention-grabbing and original for your customers through advertising, then you'll make your brand stand out and they will remember you for it. Sometimes it’s better to go against the grain and come up with something never done before.


3. Testimonial

Word of mouth is one of the most old-fashioned forms of advertising, and it works! Be sure to include testimonials from people your customers can relate to and identify with on a personal level. Try to have different testimonials for each of your target audiences.

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4. Thought Leadership Videos

Another way to establish your brand’s credibility as an expert is to create informational videos relating to your brand. For example, a car dealership may release videos on how to change a flat tire or exclusive coverage from the latest car show.