How to Distribute Video Via Email

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Online marketers have been successfully using email to connect with their target audience for years. Content consumers are increasingly turning to video as a primary source of information. Wouldn't it, therefore, make sense to use videos as part of your email marketing efforts? 

Using videos in email marketing works, especially if you know how to distribute them. Ultimately, how you distribute video depends on your goals in sending the video.

A Linked Thumbnail

For most emails, including a thumbnail with a play button overlay, linked to a page on your website is most likely to get your audience to your site and interacting with your content.

Here are 5 simple steps for using videos in your email to grow your audience and get viewers to engage with your website:

  1. Compose an email that includes an attractive link (a thumbnail with a play button overlay) to a video on your site.
  2. Send the email to your email subscriber list.
  3. A certain percentage of recipients will click through to the video on your website and consume content while getting exposed to your brand.
  4. An enthusiastic percentage will share the video with their circle of influence.
  5. These individuals will see the value of your content and subscribe to your email list.

Embedded Email

Some situations call for an embedded video in an email. For example, your primary purpose is to share information quickly or get people excited about a live event, embedded videos work well. Users are also more likely to watch the video if it's embedded.

But for most email marketing purposes, watching the video is not sufficient. Once the viewer finishes an email-embedded video, what does he or she do? In most cases, nothing. That's a problem. You want users on your website, interacting with your content, gaining exposure to your brand, and realizing that you are the expert and the authority in your industry.

An even more effective way of reaching your marketing and video marketing goals includes finding expert help. Download our free video strategy guide to get started.