How To Make The Most Out Of Your Marketing Videos

Videos are relatively expensive to make in the context of a marketing campaign, so it's a real shame when companies let them go to waste. In this blog, we'll explain how you can get the maximum value out of your marketing videos.

Share them on multiple platforms

The first tip might seem obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many businesses fail to give their videos adequate exposure. According to this Entrepreneur article, it’s common for businesses to post their videos on just one site: “One major mistake businesses make on a regular basis is posting videos in just one place. This simply isn’t going to earn you the reach you need. Many people have this idea that making money and creating traffic happens from a single url, like magic. While there are occasions where a single video just magically goes viral, for the most part businesses have to put real work in to spread the news.”

The best route is to first post the video on your site, and then share that link on social media. This way, users will be directed straight to your site. Alternatively, you could upload the video to YouTube, but then you’ll have to bring them to your site in an additional step.

Add captions

Sometimes, people want to watch a video but don't want to turn the sound on. For more views, you can add captions at the bottom so people don't need the audio to get the gist of it. You've likely seen this strategy on your social media feeds.

Add music

Of course, you should still assume that most of your viewers will watch your video with the sound on. Audio is one area that clearly separates professional videos from unprofessional ones. In addition to using good mics, we also recommended adding background music that fits the tone of your video.

To get the most out of your marketing videos, you should share them wherever you can, and add captions and music for a better viewing experience.