November is Prematurity Awareness Month

Before 37 weeks of pregnancy, a birth is considered premature, with the complications coming with it being the #1 cause of death of babies in the United States. March of Dimes (MOD) is a non-profit organization that was established to prevent birth defects and infant mortality. Through research and discovery, care innovation & community engagement, advocacy, and education; the March of Dimes continues their activities through their Prematurity Campaign based on the latest data and scientific evidence.

Since 2003, MOD's Prematurity Campaign has demanded action due to the rising numbers of premature births in the United States. Report Cards issued by MOD elevate issues of prematurity among thought leaders, policy-makers, and the public. 

Inventive has had the pleasure of partnering with MOD for the last two years on one of their yearly events, the Signature Chef dinner. With this collaboration, we were able to provide the unique opportunity to share the state's amazing culinary talent while bringing awareness to issues such as prematurity and raising money to fund critical research & educational opportunities.

As part of the partnership, the Inventive team created a video; its purpose, to connect you to the journey of a NICU parent...

The video was viewed at the Signature Chef Auction to connect the audience to the mission: a world in which every baby has the opportunity to thrive, live the future they choose and grow up to change the world. Post-event, the video was posted on March of Dimes social media channels and continues to raise awareness for such an important cause.

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