People Smell Inauthentic Brands...

Like a shark smelling a drop of blood, like a bloodhound sniffing out a fugitive on the run, and like an elephant smelling water up to 3 miles away (thank you Snapple Facts); consumers can smell a brand’s lack of authenticity. When it comes to marketing, striving for authenticity should be incorporated in everything companies do.

Becoming a company that is based on values and principles not only has to be incorporated in how you market yourself, but in every employee as well. You remember Amazon’s ad that featured a priest and an imam forming some kind of friendship while practicing different faiths? A business's efforts shouldn’t be circling around capitalizing on situations, they should be implementing their values and principles into their business efforts.

Authentic is defined as being true to identity, story and spirit. With this, focusing on what you do best and then incorporating that into your lifestyle and communications should be your goal. Keeping consistent with this authentic shift means not only that you can communicate your awesome brand, but you can also show them you mean it.

Performing acts of social good is the latest trend in keeping company’s in an authentic, PR-friendly light. Take the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the reputation contributor for Microsoft, where the company puts resources into a good cause. The public then recognizes the benefits that philanthropy have on a company which include giving purpose to your company, maintaining the brand story, facilitating employee engagement, network with target demographics, and building bonds with the community.

Keeping it real is something to be kept in mind when it comes to how to communicate. With societal pressure, corporate expectations, and hesitation to rock the boat; communicating your brand that allows your story to come into the light in a true way without trying too hard is often difficult. Sticking to a templated strategy of communications has to give off a variability component. Authenticity requires real-time reactions to the company’s real-time environment.

Maneuvering a company into an authentic brand not only takes in-house efforts, but also how your brand is perceived in your marketing efforts. Video strategy has a huge impact in how your brand is perceived and how consumers will react to your brand. Click here to find out how to utilize your brand to become an authentic player in the market.