Promoting Your Continuing Online Education Program

Maximizing your potential target audience for your online education program is one of the most important factors of your promotions/marketing strategy. Once you've developed your courses, hired experienced experts, and worked tirelessly to develop an educational experience with flawless layouts and perfected media; it's time to get your program out there. 

First, when deciding who to target as your audience, it's common practice to use tools such as surveys, market research, interviews, focus groups, etc. Learn as much as you can when deciphering who your target is, and be an expert on what their background is (educational and cultural), what their level of education is, where to find them online and how to develop the right tone-of-voice.

Once this is established, you can tailor your marketing efforts towards such segment. Attracting prospective students will be much easier if it's distributed to where they are, and it is delivered in a language they relate to. Your online courses are seen as much more valuable if they directly communicate the educational needs of your prospective student. This involves a shorter-seat time and for the biggest value to the dollar.

The prospective student is looking to improve their lives whether personal or professional - and your course must highlight exactly what benefits and offerings will be available through their course enrollment. The easier and clearer the enrollment process, the better. 

In the Online Report Card - Tracking Online Education in the United States data; More than one in four students (28%) now take at least one distance education course (a total of 5,828,826 students, a year-to-year increase of 217,275). Students engage in online education programs alongside their already existing in-class course involvement. Encapsulating a network rather than a disposable service that solely provides a student with a temporary credit-gaining experience.

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