Recruiting and Attracting Top Talent

Even after a recession economy, it can be difficult for a company to find suitable staff to fill open job positions. Generally, the smaller the company, the less well known the brand, the harder this can be.

Before you call that recruitment agency, take a good long look at the current state of your organization. Are your employees happy and motivated? Do they feel appreciated? Does your company have a positive company culture and an attractive brand? If your best employees are already jumping ship, you should address inner company issues first before casting that hiring net.


Your company needs to have a good internal culture in place with key messages that are firmly enshrined within your current employees' mindsets. You need to be looking to hire people who are a good fit for that culture. Otherwise, they might decide to leave within the year. Create a clear job description that includes the company's key messages relating to its brand, with information on rewards, benefits, and advancement opportunities.

Today's companies are competing for the same top talent. There simply aren't enough high flyers to go around, and it is the caliber of staff that makes an organization successful.



Job applicants are attracted by a number of factors, but it is no surprise that pay is still the biggest draw. Other factors like flexible benefits, promotion prospects, and flexible working (including telecommuting) can readily influence talented individuals to knock enthusiastically on your door.

Develop a recruitment strategy with objectives. Identify the type of individuals who would fit in best and be more likely to stay. Decide where and how they can be found. Consider rewarding current employees for referrals. This method can be very fruitful. You will probably want to advertise on the company website, but you may find job boards and social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn very useful for obtaining results.

Evaluate your hiring methods continually by measuring time and cost to hire, new employee retention, and performance. Determine which advertising method works best for you. Choose your best current employees to perform the interviews and ask them to assess each interviewee's understanding of their talents and skills, and of the job offer.

With a clearly defined recruitment strategy and a key company message, you will soon be attracting the best talent to your company.