Social Media for Defense Industry Execs

When it comes to society's innovation, social media has changed the world on a relatable scale as the printing press, just with a speed of a BrahMos ramjet supersonic cruise missile

Social media has become the main communication tool for businesses both internally and externally. Not only have mainstream social media like LinkedIn and Twitter become the norm for companies to communicate with the general public, but there are a lot of internal benefits of social media that companies should implement in their practice. 

Communication within large companies is very important, and deciding how this is to be gone about should consider all of the options. Social networks for businesses like Yammer is an example of a private communication method within an organization as well as within departments/groups.

Collaboration through these methods is key when conversing with your coworkers - with horizontal collaboration made simple. However, with a more hierarchal company, social media is seen to pose a challenge. A report created by gave insight on how exactly social media can benefit defense industry execs. 

Engagement with prime contractors, government organization representatives, defense-related agencies and 2nd & 3rd tier suppliers are all prevalent on social media platforms. 

Recruitment is also a very strategic benefit when utilizing social media. A survey found that firms like Boeing, Raytheon, and Thales have active social media outreach programs dedicated to recruitment. "With 59% of respondents indicating that this is one of the key advantages of social media it's likely that others will follow this example."

"Most of the top 20 defense contractors have active Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn accounts, so it's clear that there is a readymade audience". When it comes to recruiting and collaborating the best of the best, social media platforms are a common form of networking to find those individuals or groups. 

When it comes to social networking, social messaging has been one of the 5 major social media trends that Forbes had claimed to be the trends that will dominate in 2017. Social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and WeChat together have more users than the big networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Changing the way communication is performed through this trend of valuing social messaging compared to regular social networks, your presence will be known much more efficiently. 

Another exec power-move regarding social media is trying to enforce an authentic tone throughout all content. The landscape of consumers today is one of distrusting fake-news-weary individuals. Gaining their trust is something that is vital if any business in any industry is to have a shot in the market. Live-streaming video was first made popular by Twitter's Periscope. Now Facebook Live has launched and many social videos are showing to have much more engagement than any other format. Live video shows almost complete transparency in an efficient and streamlined process. 

Having a hold on your employees engagement is vital, and with social media's incredible power of communication - your employees can be your own brand ambassador. To learn more about how to keep engagement up and have your brand communicated on any platform, click here.