Super Bowl Ad Previews

Maybe the one time during the year when you’re shushed during a commercial – and for good reason. Last year’s super bowl, between the coin toss and the end of play, drove in around $419 million from advertising for Fox according to Kantar Media.

NBC has a price tag on 30 seconds of ad time in the NFL championship game this year at “north of $5 million”. Production, celebrity endorsement, and overall costs not even included – that’s a lot of money. Why is that so? Kellogg School of Management Tim Calkins says that the Super Bowl “has the lovely combination of a big audience and a group of people that want to listen to the advertising and that makes it so valuable.” Maybe that’s why people are shushing.

Come Sunday, the Inventive Team will give their picks for their favorite Super Bowl ads and hopefully we’ll come to the conclusion as to what won, lost, and what was the most entertaining. Here are a few ads that have been released to give audiences everywhere a taste of what is to come:

Alexa Lost Her Voice –

Amazon’s infamous new Alexa has swept the nation – leaving few to be left catching-up with what exactly Alexa is able to do. This Super Bowl ad has Amazon collaborating with a star-studded cast including Sir Anthony Hopkins, Cardi-B, Gordon Ramsey and Rebel Wilson.

It takes place when Amazon’s Alexa loses her voice, leaving Amazon employees ensuring Jeff Bezos that they have some…replacements.

Produced by creative Lucky Generals along with Amazon, this will supposedly air during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl telecast on NBC. A fourth-quarter spot?? Talk about prime-time.

Will this win over the viewers? Will it make our team’s favorite picks this year? We’ll see come Sunday. All I can say is that when Alexa can find a way to master New England weather, she’ll have my vote.


Budweiser – “Stand By You”

 Budweiser has always struck a cord with Super Bowl viewers, like the Clydesdale Puppy Love storyline or a 9/11 tribute, but this one takes a different approach. Giving the past year’s natural disasters that have torn through our country, Budweiser stops their production of beer at their brewery and re-brands to fill their cans with clean drinking water to communities in need.

A generally simple teaser to a voice that will no doubt be something bigger during the big-game, I for one am looking forward to what will come from Budweiser.


Avocados From Mexico - 

When a society seals themselves into their own utopian-bubble - stocked with massage tables, beautiful music, lush vegetation, and a ton of avocados – things take a turn for the worst when they realize that they left the chips outside the bubble.

I don’t know about you, but when a commercial gets violence and mass-panic right they really should get praised. The right stunts done the right way make for a quality product and can easily be seen as lazy in my opinion.

Give me a masseur slamming someone’s head against the massage table, a little girl choking out an adult, a cave-man-like club decapitating a cardboard cut out of Chris Elliot (big fan of him in There’s Something About Mary & Groundhog Day), and settle it with a guy frantically smearing something(?) onto the window-like bubble spelling out ‘HELP’; then yeah I guess I like it.


Squarespace – Keanu Reeves

Anything with Keanu Reeves and I’m sold. This may not hold with many people on Sunday when the rest of the Inventive Team makes their picks – but for some reason Keanu Reeves standing on a motorcycle speeding through the desert road really resonates with me.

Squarespace states how this might air during the first half of the game – so keep an eye out for The One.


Hyundai – Ref to the Rescue

Probably one of the funnier ones out there. When soccer moms and dads put their competitiveness aside and come together as one with their hatred of missing Super Bowl LII so they root for their own team players to get kicked out one by one. THAT’S something that everyone will relate with come this Sunday.

Side-note, there are plenty of occupations that will be working this upcoming Sunday who has the dignity to do what this ref couldn’t – everyone owes them a salute. Whether keeping our country safe, keeping our hospitals running, or cranking out nachos at the Sports bar – hats off to you.


Michelob Ultra – Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt landing a role as the new spokesman for Michelob Ultra, which is kind of believable since he’s sky-rocketed from Andy at Parks and Rec to a Hollywood A-list – or so he thought he landed the role.

Michelob Ultra commercials have me kind of aggravated. I myself enjoy out-door activities and enjoying a light beverage surrounded by happy friends I get along with, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone out and ordered a Michelob Ultra.

Their commercials have been doing something great for a drink that if you don’t read the label tastes just wrong. It’s light, I get it. Beer calories are the new gluten. But man do I want to be in those commercials. Why does mountain biking and night-time fires on the beach wearing rolled up jeans make people want to drink Michelob Ultra? I suppose that's why people go to school for marketing. Here’s the second ad that was released about the real ad that was made, the one Chris Pratt thought he’d be more than just an extra in:

There will no doubt be a slew of creative, funny, inspirational, and heartfelt advertisements this upcoming Sunday. Whether you're watching Tom Brady win, betting on someone to fall during the halftime show, or waiting for that E-Trade baby to come back - tune in on NBC for the event or you'll be left out of every conversation at work for at least the next two weeks.