The Art of Telling Your Brand Story

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 The brand is so much more than a product or service. It often tells a story. Most of the time the story is the impression that the company wants to use to put out. It is easy to get distracted by putting emphasis on the product or service and not heavily consider the brand's impression. 

There are so many ways to tell a brand story and things to consider when trying to figure out what kind of story your company's "brand" can tell. Here are a few examples:

Explain it in your "Mission Statement"

All goals, services, and objectives aside: make sure you focus on the "feel good" aspect of a consumer. You do not only want your consumer to use the product or service, but you also want them to feel great walking away from your product. You want their issue or problem in mind when you make that initial statement.

It is just like working in healthcare. One does not show up to take care of someone, one also shows up to make sure that person feels total satisfaction.

Make sure your service or product has a little "extra" emphasis in making the customer feel good about themselves

Either in packaging or advertising, create a habit of making it a personal experience. Make a habit of this in every approach to the customer as possible. 

Some examples of the extra customer service "feel good" factor seen in companies such as Dove. Their chocolates have inspirational words in their packaging and commercials on "true" beauty. 

Donate proceeds in the name of your company to help out the community

There are many options to get your product or service involved financially and actively in your local community. Sponsor a sports team and get the company's logo on the t-shirts. If the company is food service, have "charity" nights where so much percentage of the money made goes towards a local school or homeless shelter. Encourage employees to get involved in cleanup projects or soup kitchens. 

Go "Green" for the environment and be proactive about making sure your company practices these habits

There are plenty of ways to go green. One could eliminate plastic bags, only use plastics sourced from recycled goods, if it is a food place make sure you are only using local goods, do not use palm oil. There are lots of healthy habits to take into considerations when operating a business. 

Don't be afraid to outsource for your advertisements

Sometimes a fresh mind and a little experience from an outsiders perspective can go a long way. Not to say that in-house is not helpful but a lot of times a brand image upgrade needs perspectives from all backgrounds.