The Best Ways to Distribute Marketing Videos

Video is a crucial element to include in any marketing plan because of the immediate interaction it creates with clients, and because of the massive audience available online. According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast, by 2020 nearly 82% of all IP traffic will be video. This means that the need to have video marketing is going to grow substantially in the coming years. Since so many people consume video in today's marketplace, it is important to have a strategy before distributing your video. Know where you want to distribute beforehand so that you can optimize your output to the most number of customers. 

1.) Distributing via Your Website and/or Campaign Landing Page

A great starting point in distributing your marketing video is to upload it to your website, and/or to your landing page. These form the center of your online presence, and distributing your video there will drive traffic to these sites, which is always beneficial when it comes to success. 

2.) Distributing via YouTube and Social Media

Perhaps one of the best places to distribute your videos is via social media. A growing amount of people use social media sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. By uploading your videos to these sites you are increasing your likelihood of them being viewed and shared among your clients and potential customers. If the video is engaging and creative, people will like and share to their friends, spreading word about your business. It is also a good idea to encourage sharing of the video; a short description before the video, or even at the end of the video itself, can have the desired effect.  

3.) Distributing via Email Campaigns and Press Releases

Another great way to share your marketing videos are via email and press releases. There are a few benefits of using these avenues for distribution. The first is that it creates more entry points for potential customers, and current customers, to view your video. The more places it is available, the better. Another benefit is that you can use links in your email campaigns or press releases that will route traffic to your social media accounts, and website. 

4.) Distributing via Television

Marketing your business on television is also a good option because it will reach people who might not use the internet on a regular basis, but still would benefit from viewing your video. It is also a good avenue because it will also reach a diverse audience that otherwise would not find your website or social media sites. 

These avenues are great places to post your marketing video, and if you have a strategy in place you will be able to post to all of them. If you use all available distribution sites available to you then you are optimizing your output; the more ways you share your videos the greater your audience will be.