The Importance of an Effective Product Launch

In this competitive market, a product launch needs to be perfectly timed and optimally strategized for your specific objective. Whether launching a rebrand, a new product or trying to get media coverage; a product launch is often a make-or-break opportunity for companies of all sizes.

One of the biggest reasons product launches fail is due to a lack of preparation. Getting ready to market the product(s) is as important for the launch as the actual manufacturing and innovating when it comes to achieving your objective.

In a Harvard Business Review Article, Joan Schneider and Julie Hall claims,

"The biggest problem we've encountered is lack of preparation: Companies are so focused on designing and manufacturing new products that they postpone the hard work of getting ready to market them until too late in the game."

Disrupting the status quo and pushing the expectations for future customers should drive your content and strategy. When considering the different strategies out there (push, pull, etc.), there's one underlying thing that links them all to achieve a successful launch; Timing.


Perfect timing of your launch is crucial to achieving your desired goals. Whether gaining media coverage, becoming 'the next big thing', or rolling out the latest and greatest of your products; the marketplace should be anxious for the features and benefits of what you're rolling out. Companies that rush through production and quality checks to get a product to market quickly, especially in the technology market, fail to organize their timing of the launch.

The product launch should time with the marketing process. Conducting research, adjusting designs, using advertising and other promotional techniques should all be implemented in the timeline to ensure organizational optimization in your launch.

The Lead-Up

The lead-up to the launch is one of the most important parts. Producing teaser post-launch assets for web marketing, media images, launch invites, launch video, and product capability vignettes to help bridge aesthetics to the production-ready marketing story all help the lead-up and buzz for the launch.

Developing your tactics to properly market the launch to generate anticipation is best done in advanced to have quality content be at the forefront of your success.

Creating Brand Identity

Between the establishment of the product name and developing a design aesthetic in line with the product name, capability, and the potential customers; a brand identity is vital to increasing the value of not only the launch but your company as well.

The brand name, logo and tagline are important, but a brand's identity isn't limited to those factors. Being sure all visual elements give rise to the overall product launch experience will generate opportunities for a successful launch.

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