The Importance of Brand Consistency

Branding is an essential element of any marketing strategy. A brand is defined by how consumers perceive and think about your company, which is why making a lasting impression with consistent branding is crucial to success. When you think about what makes up a brand, it is easy to list things like the logo, content design and the key messages you spread to your audience, but it’s important to note that if your efforts are not aligned  – your marketing efforts will not be successful. 

Why is Brand Consistency Important? 

Brand consistency differentiates your company from competitors; it serves to increases customer recognition, and it allows for your company’s identity to be reinforced each time a customer comes across your business or engages with you.

  • Manage perceptions with a consistent brand. Your brand is how your customers will perceive you. Consistency inspires professionalism, purpose, and stability.
  • Your outlook and attitude are reinforced by consistency. A consistent brand instills confidence and with consistency, your customers are more likely to take you seriously.
  • Avoid brand confusion with consistency. Your consistent brand should inspire trust and reduce or eliminate any confusion as to what your business does or provides.
  • Consistency is a strategy to protect the dollars you have put into marketing your business. Without established brand standards, brand messaging can be sloppy. Your brand is an investment and one that you want to protect.
  • Consistency is a process of building upon one’s success. No one ever has to wonder, “I wonder what these golden arches refer to?” 

A Few Tips to Help You Maintain Brand Consistency

Consistency is about maximizing the impact of your brand and has nothing to do with being dull, repetitive, or boring.

  1. Let your staff know everything to know about your brand and why it is valuable for your company and their work.
  2. Create a ‘Brand Standards Guide’ so that everyone who develops materials related to your business knows how to do it correctly. Provide examples, a style sheet, and make sure that it is a simple, usable, and engaging document. Make the guide and any relevant files readily available to properly execute the brand. 
  3. Communicate the importance of brand consistency throughout the company. You may even wish to identify individuals to be part of a ‘best practices team’ who are in charge of supporting others to get it 100% right.

The value of branding consistency can never be underestimated. When developing a marketing strategy consider how branding can play a role in communicating the value of your service or product, and make sure that messages, design, and images are consistently communicated.