Video Content Marketing: 4 Overlooked Distribution Methods

The video marketing world divides between businesses lost in anonymity and those watching thousands of viewers happily clicking through to buy more products.

Using all video distribution strategies at your disposal helps create your desired result for more leads, sales and profits. Let's move beyond the usual "optimize your title tags" advice and look at four easily overlooked ways to get your next video the views it deserves.

Call to Action Inside Your Video Content

You need to make it a point to ask your viewers to like, share and comment during the recording of each video you make for YouTube. Ask them to subscribe to your channel as well.

These actions taken by your viewers are ranking signals that Google and YouTube use to determine whether your video deserves better distribution.

Use SlideShare's Embed Option

Did you know you can embed videos inside a SlideShare presentation

This helps position your SlideShare posts differently from your competitors and is particularly useful when marketing B2B.

Share Through Email

Yes, it's often recommended to share your new videos to your email subscribers. Unfortunately, many businesses miss out on a hidden opportunity inside this strategy. The usual method is to email out the link subscribers can click on to visit the video page or blog post with the embedded video.

A more effective way to use this method is to use a screenshot from the video with a play button included. This helps increase clicks over to your video because it looks like an actual video inside the email.

Share on Quora or Reddit

These two platforms can help your video go viral. Brian Dean from explains the benefits of using video with Quora and this case study explains the viral benefits of Reddit. 

Video marketing is a must now that we know it will dominate over 80% of the Internet in the coming years. Make sure you use these little-known ways to promote your video content.


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