What Makes Brand Coherence Possible

Your goal as a business is to make your brand stand out from your competitors and customers. Along with that, you should aim for complete brand coherence. According to Kwok Design, "brand coherence is when all the elements of a brand feel familiar and are effective." This is different from consistency, where you keep everything about your brand the same. To achieve brand coherence, every part of your brand should come together in a way that will be recognizable and familiar to customers.

These following attributes make brand coherence a reality for your business:

  • A voice that sounds consistent throughout your brand: This means any marketing and communication you do, from social media posts to emails and face-to-face conversations, should have a unified voice. Your tone and how you come across to customers and competitors should remain the same throughout all platforms.
  • A company strategy that remains strong: As companies grow, change and diversify, you should have one company strategy that you constantly adhere to. Not only does this help within your business to have a positive work environment, but it again boosts brand awareness to your customers. They will recognize your brand and business simply by adhering to the same values you've always held. In turn, it will help them to accept you.
  • Your brand's look and feel: Visual elements are critical to brand coherence. What makes people recognize a brand the most is how it looks (for example, McDonalds with their arches and red and yellow color scheme). You might think designing your brand's logo is simple, but it's one of the harder parts of the process. The colors, formats, and fonts you choose need to specifically fit your brand and its message. It will be what sticks with your customers in the long run.
  • Clarity and simplicity: In short, get to the point. Communicating with big words or jargon will make you sound like you know what you're talking about, but will confuse your customers. Another important part to brand coherence is talking clearly, concisely, and in layman's terms so customers can make the best decisions when it comes to your brand.
  • Finally, get to know yourself: Before you can even begin creating brand coherence, you need to know more about what you personally want out of your brand, according to an article written by Kenny Kline on Social Media Today. Does your brand have more of a playful tone or a serious one? What's the message you want to send the most? Kline states by doing this that you will not only have an easier time staying coherent across all of your marketing platforms, but "it will also keep the brand from trying to jump unsuccessfully on certain trends that are not natural for its brand fit."