Why Businesses Should Start Early with Branding

Some businesses approach branding the same way people approach dessert - they get to it after the seemingly more important stuff is already finished. In this blog, we’ll explain why this is the wrong approach and can be detrimental to your sales.

Prospects will research your business before you talk to them

Nowadays, consumers don’t wait for businesses to supply them with information. Before they look at your branded content, they want to see what others have to say about your business. They’ll google you and search for all relevant information before committing to a purchase.

No brand = no trust

If there’s no real brand identity for consumers to associate with your business, then it will be almost impossible to build any trust. Leads will jump out of the sales funnel the moment they enter.

This Entrepreneur article explains the challenge of working with new leads when you don’t have a brand reputation: “What seemed to be the problem? We lacked an established brand reputation. No brand reputation equaled a lack of trust in the potential customer’s mind. After never successfully acquiring the new client, I decided to focus our attention on building a brand as opposed to a company.”

When you don’t have a brand identity, there’s nothing for consumers to latch on to. As a result, they’re skeptical of your marketing content, products, and customer service guarantee.

The earlier you start, the better

The further you kick the can down the road, the more leads you’ll push away. Many of them will never come back if they get a bad impression of your business. When dealing with a time  keep in mind:

  • It takes time to build trust among consumer
    • early efforts will set the tone for the rest of your marketing campaign
  • Branding isn't the sprinkles on your ice-cream. 
    • If you treat it that way, consumers will find it hard to trust your business

Consumers will need to trust your company, and therefore how you brand yourself. Utilizing current trends, branding techniques and innovative strategies will help you get your brand in the right light and ahead of the competition. Contact Inventive to see just what it would take to get your brand ahead of the curve, we could just be the edge your company needs.