Why Healthcare Needs Content Marketing

When it is all said and done, health is a business - and every business needs a content marketing plan. 78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing, and while many companies have utilized this statistic in their business practice, the healthcare industry is often overlooked.

Statistics show that only 35% of marketers document their strategies, and while many companies currently do have some sort of content marketing direction for their business, healthcare’s marketing focus should prioritize content marketing on the top of the list. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 72% of Internet users reported looking online for health information. This opportunity for healthcare organizations is anything but subtle, as developing a vehicle to create and distribute valuable, relevant information to a clearly defined audience can be organized easier than ever. Softwares today are designed to develop, organize, analyze and report the majority of an organization’s marketing efforts.

Content marketing allows great businesses, especially healthcare organizations, to position themselves as an industry leader. The content that your organization can push out - whether it’s a physician group’s provided services, a consulting case study, or a hospital’s charity work; they build credibility for your overall brand online. Building credibility ensures trust in the world, which is critical for healthcare providers.

When the average person searches on the internet about the best way to treat bronchiectasis, they are more likely to trust an expert with numerous publishings on the subject rather than just one blog post.

Developed content can also drive search results toward your website and allow you to customize your content to cater to specific areas of expertise. Let’s say your hospital has a renowned cardiovascular or adolescent substance abuse program, or your consultant group are experts with immense experience in cardiomyopathy or orthopedic care; these topics can be centered in your content marketing to connect your organization with those that are in need of those specific services.

Content marketing is seen as more and more valuable in the healthcare industry, and you can’t afford to let your competition get ahead of you. The benefits of content marketing are getting increasingly obvious as technology allows marketing strategies to be more measurable, scalable, organized, and affordable. Digital platforms are where your customers are, and going anywhere else to find your organization isn’t something that will be happening anytime soon.

Consumers and patients will always seek advice or information online, and the content that you provide for them will give your business the recognition and credibility it needs. If you would like some help from our experts, or to schedule a brief discussion about how to guide your business in the right direction, click here