Why Is It #NationalCookieDay

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According to USA Today: What do cookies, socks and dice have in common?

According to NationalDayCalendar.com, they all have national holidays on Dec. 4th. But National Cookie Day is the one to cheer about because this made up holiday features cookies and sweet treats.

The day to celebrate the cookie was founded in 1987 by Matt Nader of Blue Chip Cookie Company.

Well, what a day to be an American. For most of you, I bet you weren't expecting to walk into work this Monday morning with such a treat (literally). HashtagNationalCookieDay has been trending pretty much all day on Twitter, and I'm fairly certain this is affecting the appetites across America at an alarming rate. This increasingly-popular holiday has been around for the past 33 years and has every CMO at cookie companies jumping on the bandwagon like:

The history of it comes from the Blue Chip Cookie Company in the same year that Full House started to air and Raegan was tearing down Berlin walls. The holiday took flight out of San Francisco, and was publicly endorsed by The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

Honestly, couldn't have gotten a better endorsement. Who else would you trust to launch a made-up holiday based around some flour, sugar, and some oils on a national level? Inspirational.

If you're someone like me, you're on-board. But if you're more like me, you're wondering WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Companies all over are participating on this 33-year old tradition and offering deals, discounts, and even free cookies at some places (allegedly, I have yet to take this study on the road).

CinnabonCoolhausInsomnia CookiesKroger, and even Whole Foods are participating in this craze. What a marketing opportunity to participate in. With everything going on in this world, and on a Monday of all days, #NationalCookieDay is being warmly accepted all over the nation.