Why Snapchat Spectacles Are Different

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Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, recently introduced a new piece of wearable technology, Spectacles.  Snap believes, "..That reinventing the camera represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate".  Through the trendy and fun design and the powerful viral marketing strategy, Spectacles are changing the way a social media company can diversify itself and interact with consumers.      

The Spectacle Design:
Unlike Google Glass, the designers of Snap spectacles created a fun "toy" for adults to help them enjoy and share their everyday lives from a new perspective.  Everything from the style of the sunglass frame, to the Snap ghost mascot shaped microfiber cloth included in the packaging, was designed to be completely recognizable.  Other physical features that were taken into account include:

  • A rotating LED light on the front of the spectacles indicates the camera is recording, thus allowing friends to participate in the video and reduce the "creep factor". 
  • The spectacles record a 1080x1080 circular video.  Landscape to portrait and everything in between will get a seamless edge to edge video clarity. The circular footage puts the viewer in control of how they want to see their videos.
  • Your eyes are the viewfinder in the wearable technology. Spectacles offer a point of view different from any other camera on the market.  Experiential videos that allow you to interact rather than hold the camera. This creates footage that looks and feels like memories.   

The Spectacle Marketing:
First of all,  Snapchat's parent company, Snap, is calling itself "a camera company" now.  With all the social media platforms around, it is important for a company like Snap to distinguish itself from the competitors. It is no surprise that Snap Spectacles are coinciding with Snap filing for an IPO.  It was important for the company to prove it's diversity beyond a chatting app, and create an unmistakable buzz around its first hardware product.



  • Snap created a rollout strategy built for generating free press. Customers can purchase Snap Spectacles (as long as they are in stock) from a minion-shaped vending machine called Snapbots.  The location of a Snapbot can be found by tracking it on the spectacle map. The experiential marketing strategy has created buzz on its own with the interesting and occasional remote locations., The bots have been sighted anywhere from Venice beach to the bottom of The Grand Canyon.  
  • Once purchased, an eager customer can push their new videos (for example, the slideexiting the US Bank building in downtown LA) to Snapchat or other social media platforms. The recognizable circular video filmed with the Spectacles creates a free advertisement for the hardware, and an impression on anyone who views it.