Why You Need to Use Video in Your Marketing Campaign

More and more people look to videos for information, explanations, and product reviews. Here are eight reasons why videos should be used to support a robust and efficient marketing campaign.


  1. Your Customers Spend Most of Their Time Online Watching Videos. Videos have dominated most of the internet usage, and consumers have been groomed to expect videos from brands at this point.
  2. Your Competition is Already Using Video as Part of Their Marketing Strategy. Brands know video marketing works because it allows consumers to retain information better.
  3. Video is Search Engine Friendly. Tags in your video can boost online traffic to your main website and increase your overall online visibility. Make sure you have individual URLs for each video so search engines can index them more quickly.
  4. Videos are Easily Shared Through Social Media. All of the major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow users to share video content within seconds. If you create quality content that is compelling to consumers, they are more likely to share it with their friends on social media.
  5. Video is Entertaining, Educational, and Inspirational. Studies have continued to prove that most people are visual learners and that visuals, like video, make it easier for people to remember the information later on. Also, because video can combine audio, text, and images, it is much easier to create content that will evoke an emotional response.
  6. Videos are Measurable. Analytics are an essential marketing tool and most (if not all) social media networks that allow video sharing make it easy to collect data on likes, shares, comments, views, and sales conversions.
  7. Online Video is One Click Away From the “Buy” Button. Videos can be a great way to lead potential customers to your website. It is important to include additional links for viewers in the video description section and, whenever possible, to include links to purchase items in your videos.
  8. Video is Mobile-Friendly. Many consumers will view your videos through their mobile devices and because of this, most video sharing platforms have enhanced their websites to optimize videos to be mobile-friendly automatically.


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