With All The Nonsense Out There, Here's What Works on Social Media

With everything out there, your newsfeed looks like a rushing river with everyone trying to get their voice out there. Establishing a presence on social media takes some pretty strategic content alignment. Not all content needs to be shared on every single platform, and not all content is worth sharing.

First off, tailoring your content for each social media channel is important in your implementation strategy. Addressing each channel, which can be organized in your content calendar, with a change in message between them should be done for every single post.

Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; generating engagement calls for a diverse portfolio (for lack of better terms) of strategies that allow you to take one single message and tailor it for each specific audience.


Facebook has an unreal character limit at 63,206. LOTTA room here for expanding on stories, posts, landing pages, videos, etc. A study released by NPR went over 3,000 Facebook posts to examine their length and click-through rate results. The study concludes that by only looking at click-through rates, posts with characterless than 120 had higher rates than those above 280 characters

Changing your strategy to include shorter posts are going to get more people to click-through to your site or landing page. However don't completely ditch the longer posts, but utilize this tactic on a less frequent basis for more in-depth storytelling.


Almost all businesses across all industries are active on Twitter. (Some more active than others.) Using this medium as a business has changed a lot recently, including the recent change to allow a small group of Twitter users to get 280 characters per tweet instead of the traditional 140. Whether it's sharing content and information, driving engagement to support promotional initiatives, networking, or managing your reputation and brand; Twitter can be used in multiple ways.

A lot of successful Twitter accounts use their accounts exactly as the platform was meant to be used, for interaction. Throwing out your content is only part of utilizing the application; these are the users who will reply to your tweet, Retweet your content, and amplify your message.

GIF sharing is a large part of Twitter content, and for good reason. Back in 2013, two scientists in Trento, Italy published a study on image virality in Google+. They studied various things about the images that people shared, like orientation, animation, text, etc. They found that pictures that were in color, vertical, contained text and were animated were more viral than those that didn't. "In particular, funny and informative images have a much higher probability of being re-shared but are associated to different image features (animation and high brightness respectively), while colored images or images containing faces have a higher probability of being appreciated and commented."


Over 800 million monthly active users, 500 million daily actives, and billions of likes a day - Instagram has become a haven for creative and engaging content for individuals and businesses. With the digital-ease of simply creating an account, businesses tend to miss the mark when maneuvering their positioning on this social media channel. With all of its capabilities, this platform provides a lot of benefits for your business.

Publishing ideas provide a big opportunity towards your engagement goals while evoking powerful emotions in your audience. Not only can you showcase your picture-taking and production skills, but sharing ideas that followers and discoverers can apply to their daily life including their wardrobe, business practices, adventures, home layout, recipes, etc. There's also an Instagram-market for inspirational quotes, behind the scenes photos, empowering and promoting good causes, crowd-sourced images, offers and promotions, giveaways, 'we're hiring' posts, and company outings. These kinds of posts utilized with hashtags, and the occasional promotion, would work perfectly with the effectiveness Instagram can take you.


Using social media is increasingly important in today's market place:

With Millennial's soon becoming the generation that accounts for the majority of purchasing power, adopting strategies that allow consumers to be able to verify your legitimacy via your blogs, social media, and reviews is crucial. 

Videos are more prominent here to utilize as well for curated content. Get started on your video engagement here and let us know if there's anything you need help on!