BrandSafway Brand Overview

Textron Systems Brand Colors_brandsafway black.png
Textron Systems Brand Colors_brandsafway red.png
Textron Systems Brand Colors_brandsafway yellow.png

Minimum Clear Space


To avoid crowding and protect the look of the BrandSafway logo, a minimum space equal to the height of the capital “A” should be left around the entire logo (see diagram at right). This is a minimum requirement; the more white space the better.

Size Ratios

When the Brand Industrial Services (BIS) logo is used, along with the BrandSafway logo it should be the same height asthe “Brand” or “Safway,” from top to bottom, as shown below. If the logo is too small for the ™ to be legible, remove it.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 12.00.34 PM.png

Safway Group Type Formatting

“House font” = Calibri. Calibri Bold, Calibri Italic, Calibri Regular, Calibri Italic. Other font: = Proxima Nova, Proxima Nova Bold, Proxima Nova Italic.  Ensure that Ligatures are turned off in the document.