908 Devices was a new company with new technology in its hands. The pioneer of purpose-built analytical devices for chemical analysis needed help introducing this groundbreaking technology to the market quickly & efficiently to maximize early sales and position itself as an industry leader.


The M908™ was the world’s first and only handheld high-pressure mass spectrometer, specifically engineered for time-critical missions. With limited resources, 908 Devices wanted to create a presentation for potential customers and investors to show the handheld spectrometers use in real world applications.


The Inventive team puts its strategic thinking and creativity to good use, delving into the world of mass spectrometry and working with 908 Devices to develop a list of goals and priorities. Of primary importance was a comprehensive and captivating sales presentation that was easy-to-navigate, highlighted competitive differences, and provided a step-by-step outline for two different scenarios.

This versatile Powerpoint presentation now works as a critical sales tool and launching pad from which the 908 team get to tell their product story, maximizing their chances for growth.