The Rhode Island Blood Center (RIBC) is the primary provider of life-saving blood and blood products statewide for patients being treated at leading hospitals across Rhode Island.

With the investment in new platelet technology, RIBC was challenged to raise awareness around the need for platelets and increase platelet donations.


Platelets have been termed "liquid gold" for their color and how valuable they are to patients who are fighting cancer, chronic diseases, and traumatic injuries that need help clotting their blood. With a five-day shelf life, there is a need for new donors every day.


Our team created a multi-touchpoint marketing initiative that included an informational brochure and educational video, as well as an engaging-yet-lighthearted video which leveraged the power of storytelling to outline all the ways in which platelet donations can benefit a donor. Each video was shared extensively through RIBC’s social and email channels.

Traditionally, marketing in the world of blood donation is focused on the recipient. Using a more strategic approach, the focus of the campaign was directed toward the "Heroes", the blood donors.