Nortek wanted to implement communication channels across its businesses that would help reach every employee and facilitate major organizational changes.


Nortek was transitioning from being a holding company of well-known brands that all worked independently, to an operations company that realized the value of shared services, leveraging supply chains and manufacturing efficiencies in order to work effectively across businesses.

As the company worked to streamline and leverage resources across its businesses, one major challenge was that the majority of their workforce were not working on a network, and there were no established communication channels in place to reach employees, who played a direct role in many of the planned changes (i.e. HR systems, supply chain changes, and consolidation). Employees at one location had no idea that they were part of a subsidiary and that there were other companies which formed part of the larger portfolio.


Using employee surveys, Inventive worked to establish corporate communications channels, such as an employee magazine (available in five different languages), live Q&A sessions (which included messages from the CEO and an introduction to each business at each meeting), and Nortek Connect: a branded communication channel that highlighted business groups and employees and shared best practices.

With the new, improved communication channels, Nortek was able to bring its workforce together with a shared mission and message.   





Coffee Talk Communication
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