Iron Mountain provides solutions for records management, data backup and recovery, document management, secure shredding, and data centers. Iron Mountain wanted to improve its company culture and deliver essential safety messages in an accessible format by more effectively communicating with its entire workforce - from office-based staff to remote employees.


Employee engagement boosts a company's performance, innovation, job satisfaction and more. Iron Mountain wanted to effectively communicate with its entire workforce - not just its network-connected, office-based employees. While reaching employees with varying degrees of connectivity was a challenge, it was extremely important for Iron Mountain to reach these employees in order for it to be successful.


Leveraging information gleaned from the company’s daily huddles, Inventive created a quarterly video series called “Straight Talk” that could be played during those same meetings. This provided a direct line of communication from the company’s business leaders to its front-line employees, and everyone in-between.

Inventive took care of everything: outlining the video, developing the script, interviewing the right people, filming, editing, and providing translation services in order to ensure that the company’s operational strategy, safety messages, customer successes, and more were delivered to frontline employees across North America in multiple languages.

The video series resulted in a more engaged workforce thanks to greater transparency from management, and created an unmatched company culture by cultivating a sense of community through interviews and competitions which highlighted employees and their successes. It brought non-connected employees back into the fold by bringing senior leadership to them through their computers, and increased safety by delivering the right messages in a format that made them accessible to everyone.