The What's Happening page is effectively the Inventive news page, a catch all for the things we are working on in the office, events we are attending and personal achievements. This purpose of this page is to give our clients in an insight into our company culture and personality. 

For this page, the guidelines on content are broad. Anything from behind the scenes, conferences, sponsorships, sporting events, company outings, projects etc. However, when it comes to posting articles about client projects be sure to check whether the project will have a public release. If there is no plan for public release, it is less likely that we will feature it on this page. For example, Iron Mountains, IMC Baby video is internal release only, therefore we would not feature a behind the scenes article. 


Our brand has a unique voice and the tone of our voice is an incredibly powerful tool to help our audience recognize us. Our aim is to deliver great experiences for our customers, giving them consistent encounters that help build brand loyalty. We do this by using a voice that fits our brand and culture.

The What's Happening writing is often shared by multiple content authors. These guidelines are a central reference point to keep the overall voice consistent.

Keep your writing familiar, friendly and straightforward. When writing about the team or multiple people use the terms "we," "us," and "our team." When writing an article about an individual, write from the perspective of anyone other than that individual, e.g. Jess' perspective on Erin's achievement. 

See the Tone and Voice Guideline: LINK
See the Grammar and Mechanics Guideline: LINK


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Be sure to use vibrant and high-quality images in your article. If needed have them edited before posting. 

See the Imagery Guideline:   

Keep all articles in the What's Happening folder for easy access. Once images and assets are uploaded to Squarespace assets can only be edited in Squarespace or deleted on the page they are located. There is no function to download images off Squarespace. 


Thumbnail Image

For each article you will need to create and upload a thumbnail image. This image does not need to be a graphic of the title but it will need to ideally be 1:2 ratio for Facebook and LinkedIn using this Canva template. To keep things simple this can just be an image from the article with the Inventive logo (as placed in the template)

When selecting an image or creating a graphic follow the Imagery Guideline:


1. Login to Squarespace

Whats Happening_1.png

2. Select the "What's Happening" Blog Page


3. Add a new page

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Whats Happening_3.png

4. Insert article title and content
You will need to add the date to the body of the article as we have disables the auto date function in Squarespace. Follow the format: April 20, 2018

5. Have a second person review your article and edit your final content


6. Before you post your article, click the Options button

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Update the URL so that it reflects the correct title and year is necessary (any repeat events will require the year in the URL). Example:

Insert a thumbnail image - this is the image that social media channel (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) will pull - IT'S IMPORTANT

Whats Happening_5.png

7. Publish the article and check that the correct data you wish to publish is noted. The automatic date is the date that you first created the page, so make sure that you change it to reflect the post date or relevant date for the article

8. Check the live link and ensure it all looks correct. If needed make adjustments

9. Share across social media channels